KaiKoa Pet Food

Meet The Jarratts

Creative Leaders Unplugged (CLU) is an Industry ready education program with Jarratt Create & Educate for creative kids that think outside the box. Tailored for the next generation of young creative leaders aged 8-18 years old, equipped with the skills and outlook to succeed in a changing world. Focusing on real-life international projects linked to an amazing company with specialist coaching in essential skills. 

Creative Leaders Unplugged In Practice With KaiKoa

Our program consists of a small group of students formed from local schools, many of whom were our original artists behind KaiKoa. PetfoodNZ has gone one step further, creating a purpose-built studio within the factory.



Student groups meet weekly where they are exposed to creative challenges, specialist training, and coaching.


Ideas are presented back to our older students, who form part of a media team. Together, utilizing their talents and newfound skills, the process is captured and celebrated on an international scale via social media and marketing campaigns around the world!


"I've been part of an international marketing campaign. How cool is that!" 
- Jess - Age 13

"This has been a life-changing experience. We have traveled down a new path enabling children to be involved in real-world experiences that we can grow and foster."- Phil Moulds, CEO, PetfoodNZ International

PetfoodNZ...Growing Creative Leaders

  • A percentage of all sales from KaiKoa is set aside to support ongoing initiatives of the Creative Leaders Unplugged program.
  • We are delighted to sponsor several paid internships, supported through a partnership between the schools, industry and our local regional development agency.
  • Active participation and interaction with students on a regular basis by our international sales and marketing team and factory staff; collaborating together on real-life projects and campaigns.

CLU Is All About

  • Encouraging a global mindset of thinking big
  • An environment based on love, trust, and high expectations
  • A safe place that is positive and uplifting
  • Growing your own skills and abilities to stand out from the crowd
  • Flexibility and freedom to explore imagination and try new things
  • Valuing your own individual strengths and the strengths of others
  • Being encouraged and supported to be your best
  • Creating lasting memories of feeling part of a special team
  • Building international connections

For more information visit www.jarratts.com